Best Evidence Of UFO’s and Aliens – The Bob White Object


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According to Bob White, he and a friend discovered an unusual lump of metal close to a remote highway in Colorado after a claimed UFO sighting.

The mysterious thing was found in the area where they claimed to witness a multi-coloured object that released down an enormous ball of light as it went upwards into the sky.

The strange event is now known as Bob White’s UFO artefact. Because of its strangeness, along with the description of the way he discovered it, UFO believers considered the object not just the smoking gun evidence for aliens, but the bullet.

Bob White

Mr White has claimed that a companion drove him through remote areas while he was asleep between Grand Junction, Colorado and the Utah border.

His friend awake him around 2am-3am for a second time to say the light in the sky they spotted earlier was getting bigger. His account stayed firm until his death in 2009.

He said the light was approximately the same size as a full harvest moon. And as they got closer, it grew larger. He said that they were a few hundred yards from it, then he turned off the ignition, and they moved slowly towards the bizarre thing.

He described it as huge, about the same size of a huge barn. Mr White then got out of the car for a better look. Jan, for some unknown reason, turned on the headlights. The light then ascended as fast as the eyes could follow it, Mr White stated.

Then another light came into view to Mr White. He described it as small, bright orange with a tinge of blue, white, and yellow falling from the massive object.

Mr White then went to the area where he believed it would have landed. He claimed to have discovered a groove on the ground around 18 inches deep and 9 inches wide. He followed it, and he found the object was still growing.

For the next 11 years, he reportedly hid the object because he was afraid that it could damage a career in the entertainment business should he declare it.

In 1996, he started telling a story about the metal object and spent the next 13 years trying to get it recognised as a historical discovery.

He toured with the subject matter in several UFO conferences. He even established the Museum of the Unexplained and housed the object together with other mysterious objects there. He then has it analysed scientifically in 13 laboratory tests. It was confirmed that the object was a solidly centred aluminium alloy, and 33 elements were all known. No two labs provided the same results, and none concluded that the object could be of extra terrestrial origin.

However, it was reportedly found out that some of the object’s isotopic ratios matched those observed in meteorites found on Earth.

Despite all Mr White’s efforts and many considered it the smoking gun, the origin of the object was never confirmed. (

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