Blue UFO at Sandy, Utah – September 20, 2015


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Unedited witness statement: At approximately 2130 hours, Sunday night, September 20. 2015 I observed an object in the sky that was not moving at all. It appeared very far in the distant sky and had a blue glow color. I went inside and got my camera, and began to take pictures, having to zoom in to get the pictures. As I began to take pictures it began to move across the sky. I heard no noise, or saw no trail. It was a mostly a cloud-less night, and I saw other stars in the sky, and this was definitely different than a star as it appeared blue rather than white like a star. My family and I watched it for about 15 minutes, and then I went inside to put the pictures on my computer. A few minutes later I went back outside, and the object was directly over-head our house, high in the sky. It then move to the north-west sky, and disappeared. I couldn’t locate it again. I was able to get some still pictures and a video.

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