Gigantic Hole in Siberia Creates Rumor On Crashed UFO


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A big opening has been discovered in northern Siberia, a place already labelled by locals as “the end of the world.” Nobody can explain where it originated and how deep. It specifically appeared in Yamal peninsula and it is around 80 meters wide. The sinkhole could be the widest ever spotted and could also be one of the deepest in the world ever recorded.

The phenomenon brings different speculations, including crashed UFO, sinkhole, global warming or meteorite hitting earth.

The crater is large enough for Mi-8 helicopters to fit into it. Yamal authorities already organized their expedition that will include one expert from Cryosphere Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and two from the Center for the Study of the Artic.

They plan to examine the water, air and soil from the area along with a specialist from the Emergencies Ministry.

A meteorite is ruled out as the cause of a large hole but experts admit that it is very early to conclude about it.

Pilots working for a gas company near the gigantic hole captured a video that shows a deep tunnel structure wherein the hole is surrounded by soil.

Initially, the footage was believed to be fake but the phenomenon was proven to be real. It is believed that the hole formed about two years ago.

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