Pyramids were once power stations that feed near by citys. Not all of them but most were. The Moon and mars and many of the planets have Pyramids that once f…
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From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. For years, Scientists and Explorers have debated over the question: How did the Egyptians build the great pyramids? Now a …
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What Men Secretly Want




  1. UrbanFoxRed says:

    There were pyramids discovered (just before this whole ukrainian revolution
    and russia decided to take over that area.. go figure right?)
    And eye witnesses claim to have seen mummified “creatures” inside

  2. soundbytesintheether says:

    Dinosaurs were perhaps the result of ET DNA tampering with other reptile
    creatures, early hybrid off springs to see how well they adapt to the earth
    containing their own alien DNA.

  3. whittle4u says:

    There was no Jurassic period, it’s made up.

  4. AZAZEL8867 says:

    a video from my old…excellent!

  5. thewr0ngchild says:

    Maybe ETs built them for Early man, heaven knows, we don’t even know our
    own origins.

  6. Mega Angels says:

    This is not your work william ross! This is the video of Dante Santori,
    from his blocked channel Azazel8867. I think you should pay respect. It’s
    an elementary behavior for polite, decent people. Or are you not so..?


    Before the last polar flip, and deluge, some 13,000 years ago directly
    caused by the all out atomic exchanges between the peoples of Atlantis, and
    Lemuria, the plains of Mother Russia where an ancient sea.
    The jarring of the Earth off its center emptied this inland body of water
    and created the Black, Caspian, and Mediterranean Seas.
    It seems now ancient civilizations once thrived there in high technology.
    Is all the attention of late for Ukraine just political or what? 

  8. illuminatisos says:

    This is stupid… 

  9. knives save lives says:

    there doesn’t seem to be much info on the actual pyramid in question. it’s
    a shame though, that russia intends on turning this beautiful land to war
    ruined rubble.

  10. freeriding666 says:

    Over-produced crap… Where’s your evidence this dates from Jurassic period
    (more than 0.6 million years ago), or that it’s even real?

    Crazies all over the place…

  11. Brandon Sowards says:

    I would like to remind everyone that 99% of everything you learned in
    school about the history of this planet was a lie. 

  12. wayne Busch says:

    Why is it that these videos never have the dialog to them.

  13. pricyfreedom says:

    could the dinosaurs have moved ten ton blocks …like we make elephants do

  14. mickey pierce says:

    putin is going to move to crimea and inhabit the pyramid as a base for his
    new soviet union… gooooooooooooo russia… gooooooooooooo

  15. Charles Causey says:

    Don’t forget the one in America.

  16. Ryan Evans says:

    I agree and find it fascinating. Where do I get more info?

  17. archivmedes says:


  18. Stephen Phillips says:

    of course

  19. Powertripp Productions says:

    My conclusion of what they were doing with the pyramids.. Yes indeed, they
    were an energy source. But I also believe that those were used to launch
    your soul or teleport you somewhere. I’m not too sure about the rest of
    the pyramids of the world, but that granite scarcophagus in Egypt really
    does explain a lot if you think in that kind of way and the energy they
    conduct is probably a helper in the process. I’m not saying I know what it
    does at all, but in my opinion, I know those pyramids were used something
    for the body/soul and/or consciousness. I wish I could experience it so
    bad… :'(

  20. rich echo says:

    Things are about to happen, strange things indeed.

  21. Laz Vizion says:

    not much talking

  22. brandon knieriem says:

    Everything is “made up”

  23. Rufus S says:

    The Sumerians told it like it is: a race of men called Annunaki, who looked
    just like us only taller, “from heaven to earth came”. They made mankind in
    their likeness and image, but had a huge war over it because giving humans
    knowledge would “make mankind like us” (godly). All of the stories found in
    the Bible were copied from the Sumerians, who wrote their account at least
    6,000-8,000 years before the Bible bastardised it, except for the part
    about the Annunaki being here and their purpose for being on Earth. The
    Annunaki who remained here after their war had offspring with humans,
    thinking they were fair creatures (sons of god into the daughters of men),
    and their children were spoken of all over: tales sprang up of giants, men
    of renown, Hercules, Athena, Nephilim, mighty men who were half-gods. “God”
    was the term given the Annunaki because they were so advanced. If we saw a
    flying human today who could turn water into wine, we’d call him a god

  24. Agent062296 says:

    It was buried by a haarp attack

  25. Gavin Somnia says:

    Interesting …. lay lines … limestone aquifer … dawn breaking pulse of
    ionised energy continual 24 hour cycle … 

  26. Rover Coupe says:

    That music does in my head.

  27. Kim Gram says:

    It sounds incredible to many socalled new agers;

    but the main “secret” behind how to construct pyramids, is to begin at
    the ground ( or somewhat below the ground ) and then building upwards..

  28. trev moffatt says:

    The Old Kingdom demonstrates what mankind could accomplish without war.
    Given the Old Kingdom was one of the earliest civilizations so had no-one
    to fight. 

  29. Diamond Grader says:

    Please, stop the SPAM.

  30. 1951sk says:

    You tube sucks since goooogal took over.

  31. Henk van Gruijthuijsen says:

    Good thinking but impractical….

  32. bdle est says:

    I personally believed that they used OIL as a lubricant not animal fat as
    mention in the show.

  33. savagex466 says:

    So how does this have anything to do with UFO’s ? Humans did not build
    Pyramids lmfao certainly not like this …

  34. john smith says:

    Clip seems to be a rehash of someone’s idea of someone else idea. If you
    know the why, the rest will follow or be of little importance. And, the
    comments are pure hate and arrogance – we have a born again Nazi

  35. drstove says:

    This movie is pure fantasy written by someone with no knowledge of physics.
    Does the author really want us to believe the ancient Egyptians created 20
    miles of “short woods” tracks from the quarries to the location of the
    pyramid? With what? Where did they obtain all of the wood and how was it
    cut and machined? The only trees in Egypt are fig trees and the wood would
    be far too soft. Lubed with animal fat? How many animals would have had to
    have been slaughtered to provide 20 miles of animal fat that would have to
    be continuously replenished during the transport of 2.5-million blocks of
    stone? How does the author explain how the base of the pyramid is level to
    within 1 inch over its entire surface? A feet that EVERY construction
    company in the world will tell you is impossible even with today’s
    technology. What fool thought that you could shape granite with limestone?
    You need diamond to cut and finish granite. Elio Diomedi made fools of
    everyone who worked on this project and laughed all the way to the bank.
    The lame theories presented in this movie are pure rubbish with no basis in

  36. Maxime Bergeron Falardeau says:

    I Dont believe this anymore. I now know a best building theory

  37. Stephen Lang says:

    Just what if it took 100 years to build?or longer?prove it was 20.nobody
    alive knows for they?

  38. 16antares says:

    hawass sucks!

  39. PASS0E says:

    Search here on youtube on “Simple building. Stonehenge Reloaded”, there he
    is showing how to move big rocks similar used to building the pyramids.

  40. scenestealer53 says:

    Wait..stomnish..what Egyptian flower power culture?! please explain?

  41. simon grubb says:

    Bacon makes everything better.

  42. Virginia Saunders says:

    I see a major problem with this wooden sleigh/roller theory…mainly that
    wood suitable for bearing heavy loads over long periods (ie not from palm
    trees) was not plentiful in ancient Egypt. It was almost as much of a
    status symbol to have a coffin carved from imported hardwood as it was to
    have a golden sarcophagus. Where is all this wood coming from, exactly?

  43. ShadeyBladey says:

    Oh, sorry, you’re not an inbecile, you just have a mental health problem.
    The world IS flat, it’s only 6000 years old and space aliens built the
    pyramid as an electricity generator.

  44. PiRáMides says:


  45. LackadaisicalE says:

    LOL well they are all good mindless entertainment, crazy people are always
    fun, and the subjects are interesting to ‘all boys of all ages’, but to go
    so far as calling them ‘thought-provoking’ is maybe to take it a little too
    far 😉 This however is a delightful exception, not that I do not enjoy the
    others, but this was, on the background of the others, on a higher level of
    TV making.

  46. Patrick Smith says:

    Hard work. We can build anything.

  47. migdal96 says:

    This is all just guesswork !

  48. Josey Wales says:

    this is complete nonsense.

  49. xxxPassiexxx says:

    Nowhere in Egypt this tech is used. This is completely non logic ,Cos if
    ancients would have invented such a productive method then they would have
    developed the idea further. Put lots of heavy stones on such a system and
    the weight will damage the wooden rail. Thus to move millions of stones
    they would probably have made a stone rail system.Yet non found ,And there
    are Megalithic stones there too. Moving a 2 ton stone ok Try it with 20-200
    ton stones ,or in Bolivia up in the mountains ? No way.

  50. Chad Hurley says:

    What’s with you and pyramids? Don’t you have any ideas on any of the other
    things that I brought up? Different level? Great, that’s what discussion is
    all about!