UFO Sightings Malaysia Airlines Missing Possible Mass Alien Abduction? Special Report March 10 2014


UFO Sightings Malaysia Airlines Missing Possible Mass Alien Abduction? Special Report March 10 2014

UFO Sightings Malaysia Airlines Missing Possible Mass Alien Abduction? Special Report March 10 2014 Dr. J Explains The Mystery Behind Missing Malaysia Flight…
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  1. thirdphaseofmoon says:
  2. Kyle Flicker says:

    seems legit
    mass alien abduction…

    UFO Sightings Malaysia Airlines Missing Possible Mass Alien Abduction?
    Special Report March 10 2014

  3. stalker Linux says:

    ufo doesnt exist only human beings exist can science leach us how ants
    thinks or bacteria lol we knows a bit of science no matter how far we get
    from science

  4. Ox7ProTotyPe says:

    well this might be right think about it the plane is nowhere to be seen in
    the planet its gone! and have you guys forgot how big that airplane is even
    if it was in the ocean it would be easy to find Via Sat. Alot of Skitchy
    Info about this

  5. Maddoxx x says:

    15 Mar 2014 A new report circulating in the Kremlin prepared by the Russian
    Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
    (GRU) states that Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) experts remain “puzzled”
    as to why the United States Navy “captured and then diverted” a Malaysia
    Airlines civilian aircraft from its intended flight-path to their vast and
    highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll…
    Interesting to note, this report says, was that Flight 370 was already
    under GRU “surveillance” after it received a “highly suspicious” cargo load
    that had been traced to the Indian Ocean nation Republic of Seychelles, and
    where it had previously been aboard the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk
    Alabama. What first aroused GRU suspicions regarding the MV Maersk Alabama,
    this report continues, was that within 24-hours of off-loading this “highly
    suspicious” cargo load bound for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the two
    highly-trained US Navy SEALS assigned to protect it, Mark Daniel Kennedy,
    43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious


    maybe the asteroid that was in our atmosphere hit the plane??

  7. rockymontana1 says:

    What is amazing is ,that the families called the phones carried by their
    loved one’s were ringing,WHY is that???I know it might sound dumb ,BUT
    being captured by a mother ship crossed my mind and said hhhhhmmmmm,It’s
    either that or this plane is in very dense jungle,If it was in the
    water,,something should have come to surface already.

  8. COSMIC SOUL says:

    one of their phones was ringing, so what happened here was either an alien
    abduction or a hijacking. 

  9. Jonathan Williams says:

    239 people just don’t go missing where the hell are they?? 27 country’s are
    looking for them no washed up plane 239 just don’t vanish they just don’t
    ok. We don’t live in the dark ages ok..

  10. marc bell says:

    Why would we want a 737? You will find what is left in the jungle.

  11. stalker Linux says:

    its near thailand stop these shits if ufo exist as u wish why they dont let
    us know about them or kill us all like usa doing world wide

  12. Jack O says:

    Good Job, Subscribed. No shit UFO abducted the plane. I mean where the fuck
    is it and do you think USA doesn’t monitor the whole fucking world,
    especially after 9/11.

  13. kingdarkism1 says:

    U dumb s*** thts not the plane idiots …

  14. prince topher says:

    Aliens maybe real impossible to say not..but most sheep like you believe
    everyone I’m power is good..there’s also dark forces at work..even in the
    bible it says they will come in the clouds..times of great deceit.. wake up
    sheep..watch..Boston bomber hidden in plain view..research people before
    you leave ignorant comments

  15. RideMyTruck says:

    youtube search: MH370 radar

  16. offplanetevent says:

    The plane got tangled up in a portal , a weak and not too stable portal ,
    thats the reason it was in all those different places at the same time (
    YEAH THE SAME TIME ) never the less its now a million light years away on
    the other side of the galaxy . what a ride . they all survived the trip,
    but sadly only lasted until the oxygen was gone. I’m just wondering if they
    served drinks and snacks. 

  17. Susan N. Gallant says:

    One fact the higher ups won’t tell anyone is people who begin experiencing
    an abduction who call on the name of Jesus to save them say the abduction
    IMMEDIATELY stops!

  18. Joseph Duffy says:

    You must be jokeing guys.You are ment to be grown men, you sound like kids

  19. Bryan Hoes says:

    I feel bad for the people :(

  20. Louis Taylor says:

    Listen to these dudes talking about airplanes abducted as if it’s fact,
    just watch out what u take to heart out of this balonga

  21. Mike Turner says:

    Taken by a huge ship of another life form. Not the first time this has
    happened. Usually smaller aircraft, but they took this too. Hopefully it is
    for a better life. People will soon wake up and quit denying that there are
    other life forms out there…..we are so tiny in this universe. There is
    lots of beings out there …some good some bad, just like every lil town in
    the world. Feel bad for the families. But maybe it was for the better.

  22. Sb Quintz says:

    I’m sticking with aliens

  23. IRoncraft189 says:

    Aliens may be true but it’s not explained but this may be a demon attack
    because in the bible the demon is the happy one of Jesus’s death so the
    demon may be the one to be happy and try to strike the whole earth and kill
    all people of all things,beside the ones who follow him and not our lord
    and shall the demon lose?we don’t know but i do know that God’s power shall
    stop all evil and win over the demons and kill the demons soul and shall
    the demons be free and become man yes they shall become one of us and join
    us in eternal life wen we go to the Garden Of Eve and aliens are REAL

  24. Michael P says:

    Bunch of crap, why would aliens hide from us if the have the technology
    flying all the way from their home planet to earth. 

  25. Ahmad Nizam Abdul Karim says: